The full review of the Betfair Poker

Betfair Poker is a poker-room, the owner of which is the biggest book-maker company in the world. Betfair Poker is an independent poker-website and isn’t included in any network. Thus the number of the players, who play Betfair Poker, is increasing, though it is big enough. It happens because of the reliable play-program and attractive actions and the access to the enormous base of the clients, who play with the help of the sort totalizator. The same access guarantees the permanent new gamers in poker.

The program betfair Poker was developed specially for the project and has big enough speed of the work, great number of the functions and works stably. The functionality is on the high level, due to the notes of the player, functions of the statistics and general feeling of the reliability. Betfair Poker is usually used to play limited and unlimited Texas Hold’em on the low stakes – the games are dynamic and free enough. A great number of the tournaments and free rolls is also conducted with the big prize funds. Betfair Poker also offers unique tournament “Threedom Pass”, in which the players can win the free participation in the off-line tournaments at their choice three years ahead.

If to analyze the number of the players, the website is situated in the low part of the lower segment of industry. According to the statistics, which took place in the July 2008 year, during the hours of lances the number of people, who play on real money there are 1.200 people and in the tournaments – 4.000 people. In general – Betfair Poker offers free games and first-class program. The program is updated often, which provides safety and stability of the work, thus the updates are made very quickly.

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