The full review of the PokerRoom

PokerRoom uses the basic OnGame with the by the general base of players. The program PokerRoom has a perfect design and a wonderful functionality. You can use the version, which can be downloaded and the Java-client. The version, which is developed for the download, is more beautiful and reliable, but the web-client works also without any visible errors. The PokerRoom is focused on the tables for six players more, than any other poker-room. PokerRoom is one of the most popular games in the network OnGame. Here a lot of special actions take place, for example tournaments, free tournaments and some tournaments for the big competitions in poker. The program PokerRoom is one of the best in this direction and can be used with the users of Mac, who can play Java-version without any additional installations. PokerRoom has the functions of the statistics analysis and open data base of the deals, which were played on the website.

The traffic of the website is mostly concentrated on the hold’em and the tournaments, but it also increases around the tables with other offered games. Among the offered on the PokerRoom games there are Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha high-low, seven-card stud, seven-card stud high-low and the five-card poker with the exchange. The games are conducted without any limits, with the limits of the bank and with the fixed limits. The full-table games, understaffed and heads-up games are available. According to the statistics which took place in July 2008 year, the number of the gamblers who played on the live money in the hours of lances is 9.000, and the number of those, who played in tournaments, is 45.000. In general, PokerListigns think that PokerRoom offers an interesting game, a great assortment of the games and a comfortable program. The program is often updated; this provides the stability of the game and the reliability, though the updates are done very quickly.

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