The full review of the Doyles Room

Doyles Room – is a quickly increasing poker-room, which is administrated by the legends of the poker – Doyle Branson and Mike Karo. If you register a new user, you’ll get the book written by Doyle “Super/System2”, which is a long ago expected continue of the Bible of poker “Super/System”. By the way, besides the perfect system of control and managing, DoylesRoom offers a wonderful loyal program and bounces, which are easy to get. DoylesRoom had got VIP-status from a lot of websites, while redirecting to the DoylesRoom. The program is the highest level in the graphics, functionality and design. It provides a quick game and high reliability. The program also has got some interesting functions, such as the list of friends and private rooms and attendant administrator. It has also some disadvantages, and the one is that there is a lack of needed information. The service of clients’ support in DoylesRoom is considered as the higher than the medium due to the quick and exact answers. The assortment of the games in DoylesRoom includes Hold’em, seven-card stud high-low and high-low, Omaha high and high-low. Each of them can be used with the limit, with the limit of the bank and without any limits. DoylesRoom also offers a new game Baduga – the game with three changing of cards, where the least combination of four cards wins. The stakes are in the boarders from 2¢-4¢ to $150-$300 on the tables with the limits, and from 2¢-4¢ to $20-$40 on the tables without any limits. DoylesRoom provides both: a lot of tables and one-table tournaments. According to the statistics of the gamers, who bet on real money, which took place in July 2008 year, during the hours of lances in the usual games 2.000 gamblers take part, and 10.000 gamblers take part in the tournaments. In general, DoylesRoom can be named a professional website, which is connected with the most respectable names in poker. DoylesRoom offers a VIP-program for the loyal players, and also some bounces, which are very easy to get. The program is often updated, which provides the safety and the stability of work, and thus the updates are made very quickly.

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